1965-1979 Carter carb specifications manual
Universal carbs and service procedures for Carter BB, BBR1, BBR2, UT, WA-1, WO, WCD, YF and WGD models
Carter AS Service Manual
1947 Packard Carter Carburetors
1953 Carter WCFB (Packard) 
Carter YF Carburetor Manuals: 1949 & 1972
Detroit Lubricator 
1932 Detroit Lubricator (Ford) Bulletin

Ford F1 
1959 Ford Carburetors (Spanish)
1949-1951 Ford Carburetor Manual
Ford 4300 for AMC 

Holley 847 Manual 
Holley 897 Manual 
Model 859-COE (Ford COE, 1950's) 
Holley 885 Service Manual
1955 White Holley 885JJG
1955 Holley AA-1G for IHC 
Model 1901 (1952 Ford, Ford Truck, Lincoln, Mercury) 
Model 1904 (1953 IHC) 
Model 2110 (1957)
Model 2140 (1954) 
Model 4000
Model 2300C, 2300G, 4150C, 4150G, 4150MG; 4160C and 4160
Holley Carburetor Master List (up to 1970) 
Buick Series 40-50-60 carburetor 
1922-1924 Nash Series 691 Marvel Carburetor 

Rochester Model AA Service Manual 
Model B manual
Servicing GM Model "B" carburetors(1950) 
2-Jet (2G, 2GC, 2GV, 2GE)
1964 Version of the Rochester 2G, 2GC, 2GV Service Manual
1953 Oldsmobile 4GC

1955 Rochester 4GC (Packard) 
1964 Delco-Rochester 4G, 4GC Service Manual
Quadrajet (M4MC, M4ME, M4MED, E4MC, E4ME) 
Application Guide for 1980-1986 Rochester carbs 
Varajet Applications, Diagrams and Parts Lists: 1980-1986

1935-1940 Packard Stromberg Manual 
1936 Packard Stromberg Parts Catalog
1967 GMC Stromberg WW carb manual
General Reference
1931 Automobile Carbureter Manual 
1952 Automobile Carburetor Manual (2nd Ed).
ABC's of Carburetion (General Motors)
ABC's of Fuel Injection (General Motors, 1957)
Automotive Carburetion Made Easy (General Motors, 1952)